Bigger isn’t always better


I used to write on my iPod touch. I spent many lunch hours hunched over its tiny screen tapping out words.

Then Apple introduced the iPad. I didn’t get one right away, but once I did, I fell in love. Its larger screen was much nicer to write on. I like it so much that I don’t take my netbook on writing retreats anymore. (And if Literature & Latte ever releases Scrivener for the iPad, it will be even better.)

But there are still times when the iPod/iPhone sized device beats out the iPad. I’ve been really busy lately, so have been squeezing writing into tiny crevices. Last week, I pulled out my phone during intermission at the opera (Falstaff; the performers did a good job, but it was too silly for me) and wrote a few hundred words. Last night, I wrote in the car on the way to and from tennis. I could have brought the iPad, sure, but it would have been awkward, and it doesn’t fit well in my tennis bag.

I made a ton of typos, though.

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