No NaNo

I’m a fan of National Novel Writing Month.

But there will be no NaNo for me this year. I had good intentions–in fact, I already have upwards of 30k words written (so really it was going to be NaNoCheatMo anyway). But the book I am writing needs some more planning before I really dig in and claim to be writing it. That planning has been delayed, mostly for the book that I’ve just submitted (so I can’t complain on that account). But more recently, as in this week, I’m putting off the newest book to start digging into the revisions of a previous book.

That’s the problem–and the benefit–to a regular critique group. I want to send them something whenever it’s my turn, and if that means starting some revisions a month or two early, then I start revisions a month or two early.

Which is good. Left to my own devices, I’d put off revisions forever. Horrible things.

My novel writing month will come in January.

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