Random Tuesday Thoughts

Related to something I can’t link to: I enjoy reading stories and then seeing what other people thought of those same stories. That’s one of the things that attracts me to slush reading, and to contests on the writer’s forum that I belong to, and to…other contests. Somehow it’s completely different from all those high school English classes where part of our grade was based on participation in the class discussions.

Possibly because it doesn’t also involve a one-hour timed essay on naturalism and the theme of the story.

Something else I enjoy: that despite the busy week at work, my switch to a mostly-weekend writing schedule means that I don’t fall too far behind in my scheduled writing hours even if I work through lunch or stay late. Or even, when I stay late, I can still get my allotted evening’s work done.

It does mean my blog posts are shorter than I’d like.

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