Word count update

I talked about word count a few weeks back and how I was trying to set up a daily schedule that would get me a completed draft with time to revise and clean up before my deadline.  I thought I’d post an update on that, and I figure it’ll serve as a good reference point for me for the future.

I’m fifteen days into the new book and about to hit 20,000 words.  That’s 1300 words a day, although some days I do more, some days less–you get the idea.  I’m shooting for 80,000 words or so for the rough draft, so I’m about 25% complete.

So far so good.

Fun fact: if I actually do maintain this pace or better, I will have a completed draft in a little over two months, which would be a record for me.  I usually end up needing three or four months actual writing time, not taking into account research, outlining and other prep work.  Another fun fact: revisions and clean up can take me anywhere from two weeks to a month, depending on how much work the draft needs.  Two weeks if the draft is really clean; a month if I have to dismantle the beast and rebuild it from the ground up–or if it’s tax season.

And these are just estimates really.  Each book I’ve written has been different.  Also, real life, tight deadlines, no deadlines, story changes, secondary projects, and a whole host of other things can throw this schedule out the window, but that’s a general picture of what my process looks like.

I guess we’ll see where I am in another fifteen days or so.

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