I was going to writes something about outlining today, but I got derailed when I read Jaleigh’s post. There’s something there that I wanted to comment on.

Um, not the squirrel sex.

Well, not exactly. What I’m thinking about has more to do with distractions in general. This fall, with both the kids in school, I now have a seven hour block of time to write in. That’s almost a full work day! Well, except for walking the kids to school, and walking them back, and errands, and… Anyway, close enough. I was worried at first about how long I’d be able to write. Before, my longest stretches were bound by nap times, preschool lengths, and coffeshop hours. This usually meant that the longest stretch available to me would be around 3 hours. Could I do seven?

Yes and no.

I find I can happily plunk away for that long, as long as I have some breaks. Get up and eat. Get up and do some laundry. Go pick up some. MOVE. Then butt back in chair. It’s constructive fidgeting– not that I don’t do a lot of regular fidgeting while in the chair. It’s mildly annoying that I can’t just sit down and churn out the words like a machine for the full duration, but mostly I feel relived. A majority of the time, I’m plugging away, getting things done.

Funny thing is, it’s basically the flip side of doing chores. When I’m doing something physical, I have to daydream. I think about stories (usually) and break up the time. When I’m writing (which has a lot to do with daydreaming, if a bit more grammatical) I have to break up the time by doing something physical. Do some dishes. Do a form. Chase the cat. Something, anything that makes me move a little. Daydreaming for the body, as it were.

Or, y’know, being hyper. But that’s not quite as poetic, is it?

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