Writing and exercise

Someday I will figure out how to do two things at once. I can think about stories while I jog or swim, but only the sort of nebulous pre-writing kind of thinking. What happens next, maybe this story should actually take place on Venus, that kind of thing.

What I can’t do is work out specific problems, because I need to be able to see the text, and then I’d trip. Or ruin my phone while messing up my swimming stroke. This would be a great use case for google glasses or google swimming goggles. Overlay my document on the bottom of the pool. And somehow use eye tracking and blinking to highlight and mark things I need to change later. They could even make thin gloves that track tiny finger movements as if I’m typing.

Until that’s invented, maybe I could get Siri to do research for me while I jog. “*gasp* How do you *gasp* hide from a tornado *gasp* in the middle of *gasp* the prairie?” Hm, maybe not. It’s hard enough to remember not to talk back to Jared Diamond.

Or, speaking of voice control, I could dictate scenes. But I’ve never been good at writing out loud. My brain works through my fingers.

And for tennis–well, there I give up. I have enough trouble with playing and keeping score at the same time to add another thing to tax my brain.

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