New Orleans 2013

Last weekend I went to New Orleans with husband, brother, mother and father, and despite the intense heat, we had a lot of fun and ate a ton of delicious food.  Especially the oysters.  Grilled and fried.  So good.

We also did a French Quarter tour and a haunted sites tour.  I know, I should know better than to go anywhere near a ghost tour, especially in New Orleans, if I ever want to get a good night’s sleep again.  But the tour guide did an amazing job talking at length about the history of New Orleans and why it has the reputation of being one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.  And he was right when he said that there’s a certain weight of history to the city.  You can feel the age in ways that I’ve never quite experienced with other places.  It makes me want to read more about the history of the city.

Anyway, this week it’s catching up and maybe making some bad maps and bad drawings to go with my novel outline.  Should be fun.

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