Resurrecting a Book

I’m accidentally planning a book that is making me want to resurrect a book I had decided never to do anything with.

A couple years ago I wrote an urban fantasy. Urban fantasy is not my favorite subgenre–I’m a secondary world kind of person. But I had some ideas I wanted to play with, so I played with them, and then I decided to trunk the book simply because of its subgenre.

Then I started getting interested in writing a mystery. (Long boring explanation redacted.) As I read through the lessons in a Cozy Mystery class on SavvyAuthors, I started turning some vague ideas into a real plot. As I got more ideas, I realized it could easily be related to that trunked urban fantasy.

So now I’ve got a whole paranormal mystery series poking at my brain. I’ll take a look at that trunked book, and see how it fits with my mystery idea.

Someday. After I deal with the 3-4 books already in my to-write queue.

This is why I’m obsessed with writing faster: there are so many books I want to write.

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