Gen Con Schedule

So GenCon is coming right up–August 15-18, for those keeping score at home–at it’s time once again for the obligatory “where you can find me” post. If you’re in the environs, be sure to say hi! And bring refreshments–I’m perpetually hungry and thirsty at conventions. Unless it’s Sunday; in that case I’ll be overfed and sleep-deprived.

Thursday, August 15

8:00 am- Realistic Writing- Music and the Arts in Stories

9:00 am- Writer’s Craft-Memorable Characters

11:00 am-Book signing-dealer’s hall

12:00 pm-Writer’s Craft-Beating Writer’s Block

Friday, August 16

2:00 pm-Reading: Jason Sandford and Kelly Swails

3:00 pm-Book signing-dealer’s hall

6:00 pm-Writer’s Craft: The Line Between Adversity and Tragedy

Saturday, August 17

1:00 pm-Book signing-dealer’s hall

2:00 pm-Exploring Genres: Young Adult

3:00 pm-Exploring Genres: Dark Fantasy

Sunday, August 18

8:00 am-VIP Panel: Starting the Story

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