What I’m not doing this weekend

Going to my 20th high school reunion.

First off, 20? How did that happen? It can’t possibly have been that long ago.

Second, high school? That was like a whole different lifetime.

When I think back to college, I can see how I got from there to here. But high school feels like something that happened to someone else. I can’t call up the mindset that I had then (good thing I don’t write much contemporary YA). The things I worried about seem completely alien. Sure, there are signs of the person I’ve become–I liked to read, I took an extra year of physics, I couldn’t fit all the classes I wanted to take into my schedule–but I’m not sure the 15- or even 17-year-old me would recognize the life I have now (and I don’t mean the Internet and smartphones).

So I’m kind of sad to not be going. It’d be like a little bit like time travel.

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