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Do less? No, thanks.

In last week’s excessively long blog post, I postulated that if we (and by we I mean me) are doing too many things and feeling stressed out, we should do fewer things.

I wrote that as a speech for my Toastmasters club, and by the time I gave the speech, I was convinced I was wrong. Sure, it makes perfect sense. But if we’re stressed about doing too much, there are actually two solutions:
1) Do less
2) Don’t be stressed about it.

I’m choosing option 2. I still get to do lots of stuff. I just have to remember that the only things important enough to get stressed out about are writing and my job. And even then, fretting too much is pointless.

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I’m back online!

Yeah, having no internets for a week and a half while I was moving was not fun.  What’s that?  No, I’m not still twitchy, WHY DO YOU ASK?

Ahem, anyway, while I was away from the world, my novel, The Mark of the Dragonfly, turned up on Amazon!  With a release date!  March 11th 2014, if the Amazon date is to be believed, but definitely sometime next March.  So you can pre-order it now, if you so desire.  I also hope to have some cover art to share soonish.  I’ve seen some stuff so far that, well, let’s just say I was bouncy and squealing and all those other undignified things I do when I’m incredibly excited about something.  I’m truly fortunate to have such a great team at Random House working on this book.

It’s been an interesting summer so far.  Moving has been fraught with all the expected stress, and some unexpected stress too (like the water in my basement that soaked part of the new carpet), but tonight I was sitting on my screened-in porch in my rocking chair with a cup of tea, listening to the cicadas and watching the fireflies come out.  It doesn’t have the same sunset view as on the back deck at the old house, but it was peaceful, and I felt truly relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long.  That’s worth a lot.

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It’s the Fourth

Of July. So let us all participate in the new celebration of freedom*–

Watching people try to blow themselves up on YouTube.


(*Freedom may include some spying)


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Do Less?

Last week, I learned an important lesson: It’s hard to give an inspirational speech when the more you think about the topic, the less you believe in it.

Today’s excessively long blog post is the rough transcript of the speech I gave to my Toastmasters club last week. In next week’s blog post I’ll tell you why I don’t agree with what I say below:

Are you juggling a job, family, school, exercise, hobbies, church activities, books you want to read, TV you want to watch, friends you want to spend time with, pets, household chores, yardwork, errands to run, and possibly even sleep?

Did just hearing that list exhaust you–or remind you of something you have to do?

Do you need a complicated task management program, a calendar app, or a daily planner just to make sense of it all?

Have you ever considered Doing Less?

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