You can pry my vacation from my cold dead hands

Last Wednesday, I got home after a two-week vacation, the first trip in years that wasn’t related to a family event or holiday or a writing event. That same day, I read this question on Lifehacker: What would you sacrifice vacation time for

Seriously? Um, nothing. The idea of more schedule flexibility is nice–one of the options discussed is four 10-hour days and a three-day weekend, or eight 9-hour days and a 3-day weekend every other weekend. Although days are long enough as it is, and I’d still have to squeeze in exercise daily, having lots of three-day weekends (especially if they’re timed right for going to cons) would be nice. But not nice enough to make up for actually losing vacation time.

(Besides, I suspect it’d be too tempting to save all my writing for the weekend, and that doesn’t work too well for me–it takes extra time to get back into a project that I haven’t thought about for several days. I do much better with a balance between slow and steady progress and a few big chunks of time for concentrated work.)

A better question would be what I’m willing to sacrifice to get more vacation time. I don’t know the answer to that, but I have a very long list of what I’d do with that time. Starting with this scene I need to write at lunch.

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