I think I see light at the end of the tunnel

Or maybe that’s a train that’s headed right for me. Either way, it’ll all be over in a few days. For those keeping score at home, my secret project is due tomorrow and we close on our house sale the day after.

This is not something I would recommend.

Everything has fallen into place, though, as these things tend to do when you’re semi-organized and keep your wits about you. We’ve gotten all of our crap out of the house and I’ve written a decent novella, if I do say so myself. I have managed to not kill myself or anyone else, which is definitely a win. I’m looking forward to some stress-free days. I’m anxious to get back into the WIP. I need to catch up on some movies and hang out with friends. Oh, and yeah, unpack some boxes and get the new apartment in order. So you know. Normal levels of busy.

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