Gorilla writing

Not the primates. More like the warfare.

Busy Kelly is Busy. Again. Still. Always. I feel like I’ve written this same post twelve times over the past year. “I’m so frickin’ busy!”

Sometimes finding writing time is easy. Friends are busy doing other things; it’s too cold/hot/rainy/dry to do yard work or exercise outdoors; the spouse it cooking dinner tonight; there’s nothing good on TV. Sure, there’s always something to read/do/watch/bitch about on the internet, but if that siren song can be ignored for an hour, it’s all good.

It’s a little trickier when Real Life rears its head. Yes, I’ve been particularly busy over the past year, but I’ve managed to write several short stories, finish one novel, start another, and get a contract for a secret project. That secret project is due soon, and I’ve got to get crackin’ on it. This is not an arbitrary deadline; I’ve got a whole lot of words due in about thirty days. This will necessitate a change in protocol. Normally, I reserve writing for evenings and weekends. Now, though, I’m going to employ the stealth mode of writing. On the train. At lunch hour. Staying up a bit later at night. That sort of thing.

I’m a bit exhilarated, actually. Sure, stressed, but excited and pumped up.

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