Hello, thunderstorm

I’m paranoid about keeping my computer unplugged during thunderstorms. Since it’s not a laptop and I live in the Midwest, that means there are a lot of evenings and weekends during the spring and summer when I can’t write on the computer.

But the reason I don’t have a laptop is because I wanted an iPad, and $iMac + $iPad = $Macbook.

So I do a lot of work on the iPad. I’m still waiting for the iPad version of Scrivener. Without it, there are some things I can only do on the computer. Like revise that novel I’m supposed to be revising tonight. (If only I could control the weather like the protagonist of that book.)

This is where working on multiple projects is really useful. I might not be able to do the revision work I want to be doing right now, but I can work on this other novel, or that short story. My revisions will be waiting patiently for better weather.

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