I signed up for Audible recently. I was motivated to try it because they had the first three chapters of Josh Kaufman’s The First Twenty Hours up for free, but then I realized it melds nicely with this year’s goal or reading books rather than blogs. I hadnt thought about the audio version–audiobooks not podcasts–but it seems like it’s an even better idea there.

In the case of books-not-blogs, my main reasoning was content: blogs are (usually) pretty disorganized and superficial. Podcasts actually seem a little more content-heavy, at least the ones I follow, but the overhead of making sure to update them, sync my phone, delete the old ones, find the one I want to listen to…it’s even more of a pain than with blogs.

Audiobooks solve both problems: way less overhead since they’re 10-20 times as long, in-depth well-organized content, and as a bonus maybe I can attack my reading list a bit. Also, easier to wrangle in the car.

I’m still undecided on whether I’ll keep it after the first couple months, though. My recall is a lot worse for audio than for something I’m reading, and it’s almost impossible to take notes (especially since I’ve been listening while doing other things, like driving or gardening). So we’ll see.

Any recommendations for great nonfiction audiobooks?

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  1. I’m a fan of audible. Audiobooks make “reading” on the go super easy.

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