Podcasts for Writers

Last week, Steve Buchheit linked to a list of 10 great podcasts for writers.

That list has Writing Excuses on it, which used to be my favorite. I find myself finding it less relevant recently, or at least more hit and miss. I love the length–short is good. I recently trimmed down my podcast subscriptions, since I don’t have much time to listen to them (the downside to a short commute), and the ones I got rid of were all podcasts that generally do hour-long episodes. Most of my podcast listening happens while I clean the house or deal with laundry, and guess how often I want to clean for a whole hour.

Lately I’ve been listening to old episodes of Jordan Castillo Price’s Packing Heat (billed as erotica tips, but mostly general fiction advice). It ended years ago but I still enjoy her practical attitude. I’ve also started listening to the Storywonk Sessions podcast, where they analyze a movie in detail. They’re starting with all the Pixar movies, and I haven’t even seen all of those. So far I’ve only listened to the one on Toy Story, but with help from the library’s DVD section I’ll catch up on some of the others soon.

One of my favorite podcasts isn’t about writing–Stuff You Missed in History. Great fodder for story ideas. Seriously, I have a whole novel that popped into my head from two episodes I heard back-to-back on a long drive last year.

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