Write space

One of the things I’m most looking forward to when we move into our new house (in about two weeks, yikes!) is the space, or rather, the way that space is distributed.  Less space devoted to the kitchen and dining areas because we don’t use them as much means more space for the living room and bedrooms.  Also, there’s a partially finished basement that can do triple duty as a movie room, gaming area, and husband’s lair.   We’ve always wanted to do this with a basement but never had quite the right space.  And we have a large screened-in porch  at the back of the house that I plan to make into my outdoor writing retreat during the spring, summer and fall.

One of the most exciting spaces, though, is my office.  Yes, I get an office.  This is a big. deal.  In all the other houses and apartments I’ve lived in, the master bedroom has doubled as my office, which was just fine with me back then.  I liked being able to close the bedroom door and have privacy for writing.  Now that I’m married, it’s getting less and less convenient to retreat to that room, especially when husband might want to take a nap or go to bed early while I’m tapping away loudly at the keyboard.

I’m looking forward to decorating the office, although really the only piece of furniture I have for it right now is my big old cherry desk.  I’ve enlisted my sister-in-law’s help to fix that, though.  She’s an interior designer who blogs at Blue 11 Interiors, and she recently posted some photos as inspiration for my office, combining my favorite color: purple, and my love of books and bookshelves.

Most of these spaces I’ve described are very conducive to writing, at least for me.  Just as I like to go to the coffee shop for a change of scenery (and a shot of espresso) when I’m writing, I like to change things up at home too, working at my desk or taking the laptop to another room.  It keeps me from getting restless, and anything that keeps the words flowing is a very good thing.

All that being said, I should probably go pack some more.

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