The Glorious Long Weekend

Every time I have a holiday, I feel like I should use it for writing. Big chunks of unscheduled time, right? What else are they for?

But somehow that’s rarely what happens, and I’m ok with that. Take this weekend–four days. Surely I could spend eight hours a day writing for at least two of those days? Ok, one day?

I did get plenty of writing done each day–more than a normal Saturday. (And less than a normal Sunday.) I think that since my normal schedule has so much writing crammed into it, when my writing brain sees a long weekend it wants time off too.

So what did I do this weekend? Made a trek down to the outlet mall (I have a new pair of brown sandals, no paperclips required to hold them together). Saw Star Trek: Into Darkness (good action movie made by fans of Star Trek, bad ST movie). Went to crit group (hi guys). Finished sewing a pair of pajama pants and started planning my next project while watching some tv. Caught up on a bunch of reading. Wrote half a month’s worth of blog posts. Extra laundry. Caught up on some online classes. Extra running. Did some stuff for my Toastmasters club. Did a bunch of little things I’d been putting off. Cleaned out my email.

And yes, writing: continued on with the planning of my current novel (now with cool government in place), revised a short story that’s been sitting around for a while, plus boring stuff like checking market guidelines and backing up files.

The upshot is that while I didn’t get a ton of extra writing in, using the extra days off to finish up other projects and catch up on some tasks lets me dive back into my normal schedule with fewer other things hanging over my head. I can’t complain about that.

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