WisCon Schedule

It’s Memorial Day this weekend, which means I’ll be heading up to Madison for WisCon.

My schedule is pretty light this year-

Bodies Politic– Sunday @ 2:30, Conference 2.

Description- Speculative fiction about political bodies and bodies political.

Five people, reading. Not all at the same time.

Fight Scenes for Women in Spec Fic– Monday @ 8:30, Senate A.

Description- Fight scenes are an almost essential element in SF/F (both in film and print media); they have the potential to bring a lot to a story. Both adult and YA spec fic include strong female characters who fight, some as a means of survival and some as a way of life. Do/can women fight the same as men? Given the biological differences in size and strength, how can we be true to the real experience; what excuses can we use to negate these (and which excuses have we seen too often)? How do we avoid making these heroes unrealistic (and essentially men dressed as women)? Who does this well?

We’ll be talking about people hitting each other. There will be no practical demonstrations. Hopefully.

Not so much this time around, because I’ll mostly be networking. By which I mean hanging out with cool people and eating tasty things.

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