Promo whore moment!

The table of contents has been announced for CHICKS DIG GAMING, a non-fiction book of essays written by women in sf/f about–you guessed it–gaming. It’s edited by Jean Rabe and Jennifer Brozek, two ladies who know a thing or two about throwing some dice around. I have an essay in it, as does Jaleigh, and we’re joined by several great ladies. I would post a link to the toc, but I can’t seem to rustle it up at this moment. Sigh. So, right now you’ll have to take my word for it. It comes out in November 2013, and it’ll be awesome.

This is the essay I struggled writing for several weeks last winter. In general, I can bang out a short story in a week, but that’s fiction. Non-fiction is a whole ‘nother beast. And when it’s about a personal topic–as I chose to make gaming–well. It was tough. I’m really proud of this sale, and I’m excited and a little nervous for it to see the light of day.

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