Twilight, Chapters 2-4

My reading of Twilight continues. The main thing I’ve learned is that if I slow down and think about a book I don’t particularly like, I like it even less.

I read three chapters this weekend at a writing retreat. Someone, I forget who, raised the theory that one of the appeals of the book is that the reader can feel smart because they know what’s going on and the main character doesn’t. This doesn’t make me feel smart, it makes me impatient. I’m a little curious to find out how Bella will find out, but I like it a lot better when I’m trying to figure things out along with the characters. I peeked ahead to check when Bella guesses what’s going on with Edward — which is page 138. I’m on page 85. That’s going to be a long 53 more pages.

By this point I’ve nearly forgotten the intriguing prologue that promised threats more serious than being asked to the dance by three different guys. One thing that probably kept me going the first time is that I usually give books 50 pages before I give up, and just before then is when Edward starts talking to Bella and being friendly while still acting odd. So basically, something started happening right before I would have put the book down.

Chapter 3 is actually pretty good. Edward uses his super vampire powers (no, not the sparkling) to save Bella from being crushed, then refuses to explain how he did it.

I will say that Meyer is good at chapter endings. Beginnings, not so much. But endings are where I usually put a book down, and each chapter so far ends on a hook: a really bad first day at the new school (and Edward being mean), (okay, chapter 2’s ending is more dull), “That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen”, and the sort of incomprehensible accepting a ride to Seattle from this guy who tells her she’d be better off staying away from him.

That’s all the thinking I can stand to do on this tonight. My next put-the-book-down landmark is page 100. Let’s see if I make it.

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