U turn

Well, Kelly has her secrets, and I have my whiplash.

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, my latest project is that fantasy book that I had trouble with at the end of last year. I finally finished my world building (for a very loose value of finished) and started cranking out the words. That was going well– in two days of work I had over three thousand words. Not  an astronomical count, but pretty good, especially for the beginning of a project. Finally, this book was starting to move along.

So of course another project jumped in front of it.

My not-so-secret project that’s been humming along for the past few months is a possible novel for a gaming company. I’m not going into great details about it now, not because it’s secret, but because I want to get the whole thing a bit further along before I start blogging about it. This being work-for-hire, I actually have people I have to talk with about the project– I can’t just slap something out and then hope somebody pays me for it. Instead I do pitches and outlines and see what the editor thinks of them. Yesterday he got back to me about my outline. He liked it, which is good, but he wanted a few changes. Which means the book that had just started revving up now gets punted to the side while I work on outline version 2.

Annoying, huh?


Somebody wants to pay for my writing. This is a good thing. Having to rearrange my schedule around that is okay. This is part of being a professional writer. Your freedom to work on whatever you happen to feel like gets curtailed, because you start having responsibilities to others. Because they want something from you. Which after spending years of sending submissions out, only to have most of them get bounced, is kind of a nice change of pace.

Who knows? Maybe soon I’ll have a deadline. Or deadlines. That I’ll get to complain about bitterly.

That would be awesome.


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  1. Jaleigh Johnson

    I am so excited for you and Kelly! 🙂

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