Spring spring spring spring spring

I don’t want to write tonight. I’ve got a lot of work to choose from: the final scenes of my current book, lots of thinking about my next book, exercises for a class I’m taking, and so on.

The problem is, it’s 78 and sunny and I don’t want to come in off the deck.

My previous computer was a laptop. When it died, around the time the iPad was introduced, I realized it’d be the same price to get a desktop and an iPad as it would be to get another laptop. But as much as I love my iPad, there are things it can’t do, like run Scrivener. [1] I do a ton of writing in the iPad–in fact, these days when I go to retreats I do all my writing on it–but for doing lots of planning and jumping around and dealing with notes, it’s just not an efficient workflow.

So I’ve got another fifteen minutes or so–ten, now–to watch the squirrels chase each other and listen to the birds sing. It’d be one thing if I just had to write new words tonight, but unfortunately that’s not all there is to writing. I suspect today won’t be the last day like this.

[1] Scrivener for iPad is coming. But it won’t be here before it gets dark tonight.

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