Reading time

I recently read yet another blog post about writing while working full time. I suppose I keep reading these because I’m looking for the secret to getting five hours of writing time while still working and having hobbies.

I do write fantasy, you know.

Of course it won’t happen. And I’ve got a pretty good writing schedule worked out. What I really want now is more reading time.

Before I started writing I read a book a week or more. As I got more serious and put more time in, I had less and less reading time. Not good.

This is one of the things behind my “books not blogs” goal for the year. There’s a lower threshold to opening up a blog reader than for opening up a novel, but I get a lot more out of the novel or a nonfiction book. I’ve been getting more reading done since I started that. When I have an urge to flip through my rss feeds or Instapaper, I open a book instead. I’ve been keeping one or two books on my iPod (now phone) and reading those instead of blog articles when I have a little downtime. I’ve also been doing pretty well with my reading before bed habit. It’s a great way to wind down. (And if I fall asleep reading one night, I will probably pick up something different the next night.)

I’ve been stifling the urge to set any sort of goals or limits on what I read–sewing books and business books aren’t going to do as much for my writing as fiction, though I do claim I’m going to write a cozy mystery about a sewing shop owner–and just going with whatever I feel ilke reading. I don’t think I’ll really feel like a reader again until I pick up the book I was reading back in 2002 when I stopped reading fiction at all for over a year. I think part of me is still afraid that if I touch that book, I’ll stop again. Probably not, but it’s better to be on the safe side.

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