Writing chains

I’m on day 62 of an attempt to write 250 words every day. Doing a chain like this is something I’ve tried in the past without a whole lot of success. I can write pretty quickly, but I spend a lot of time revising, so I would end up writing random stuff or garbage words, and that just wasn’t helping me meet my goals.

It came up again last summer at the workshop I was at, and I decided to try it again. It’s been going much better–obviously I haven’t written every single day since then, but I haven’t missed too many. 250 is a pretty easy target to hit. It helps that I’ve had an entire novel and several short stories to write, and another novel to plan (which involves writing snippets).

While it’s nice to celebrate hitting 50 days, or 60 days, or looking at my March calendar where every single day has an x through it–I’m not sure there’s much benefit in this other than making me feel good about myself. There’s also a danger in the temptation to type that 250th word and call it a day, even though I need a lot more words than that to get my novel done, and my backlog of revisions to do has reached an all-time high. Still, 250 words adds up pretty quickly, especially since I don’t usually stop as soon as I hit that number.

The only downside is that I know I’m going to miss a day sometime, and it’ll take me forever to catch up to my current mark.

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