Blah. Busy month is busy.

April has gone all chock-a-block on me. Nothing big, just a pile of little things heaping up around me. Like spider eggs, they are small and unassuming, with the promise of a sticky tide or horror if ignored for too long.

Most are non-writing related– friends visiting, strangers visiting, house falling apart, children demanding celebrations of their successful invasions, that sort of thing. But the writing stuff is there too. Let’s see, there’s the four short stories in various states of revision and polish that need to be dealt with. Then there’s the novel outline I need to write. Then I should start on that novel. And I need to do a query letter and synopsis for the book I’m going to be spamming around soon.  Over all of that hangs the book that might be– if the publisher decides that they like the outline which I’ve done. Which would be great, but would mean that I would have to suddenly shift gears and throw myself into that project.

Stuff and stuff.

Well, May should be calmer. Except for the two cons I’m going to.


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