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I made up these words, that are coming out of my mouth

Well, not really. Somebody else made up the words. The order is all mine though.

I’m doing a reading this weekend. Yay! Sort of. Readings are both awesome and awkward. When writing, you’re detached from your audience and you have no idea how the stories going for anyone but you. And, honestly, there’s a fair amount of time when you have no idea how the story is going for you. Usually, the only way you can get close to an immediate audience reaction is by moping around in the same room with someone who is reading your work and ambushing them every time they make a noise or twitch.

This behavior generally does not improve said readers enjoyment of the story.

Do a reading though, and people laugh at the jokes, or scrunch their faces interestingly, or clap.

That’s awesome.

But sometimes they don’t.

That’s awkward.

Still, they’ve all gone fairly well so far, so here’s hoping that streak continues.

Oh, and one more good thing about readings- they remove any temptation I might have to use unpronounceable Lovecraftian names. Which is a good thing.

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Kitty Korner

So it’s not Monday and it’s not a picture of Morgan. I’ve given up and changed the name. Now it’s Kitty Korner. In this edition we have Clarity and Caroline. A study in contrasts.


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by | March 5, 2013 · 10:17 pm

House of Cards Revisited

A few months ago, I wrote about how my current novel draft feels as fragile as a house of cards because I’m writing it out of order.

This weekend, I spent all of Saturday, minus meals and cutting out a pattern for pajama pants, reading through the whole ~57k draft and making extensive notes on a printout of my beautiful color-coded outline about where I need to add transitions, where I have gaps that I have to fill in, how the ending is supposed to work, etc.

Writing out of order has made me feel like I’m making no progress even as I watch the word count increase. My brain is too small to hold an entire book–that’s why I started writing them down in the first place–but when I’ve written in order, I know that there’s a whole book behind the spot I’m currently at, and it has a feeling of solidity. Writing a bit here and a bit there made me feel like there were giant gaps.

And sure, there were giant gaps. But not that many. And mostly in Act 3, which I knew for a fact had holes because I have scenes called things like “there needs to be a lot more at the end here” and “action ending escape thing”. But reading the whole thing through, I was impressed at how well it fits together. There are some inconsistencies where I wasn’t sure who knew what when, but they were all fairly simple to fix. I’ve still got a bunch of scenes to write, and a short list of things to figure out (mostly in Act 3), but I no longer feel like I have something that will collapse if I breathe wrong.

I might be sold on this writing out of order thing.

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