Everybody Out

It’s spring break this week, and the kids are visiting the grandparents for much of it. Am I getting a lot done?

Well the house is clean, sleep has been slept, and the world has been saved many times from Diablo.

My writing goal this week has been spring cleaning. I have my little herd of short stories that needs to be out and about, looking for a home. I’m terrible about making sure they are kept in rotation– it’s far too easy to be distracted by the shiny object of a new story. So I’ve been diligently looking for markets, sending things out and logging the results. I’ve also been doing some light revision on a few of them that could use it.

As of now, I have twelve stories out. There are three more sitting by the door, two idling in place because the markets I want to send them to are either closed for the moment or have one of my other stories in process. The other is getting cut down to size, since it’s too long for most markets and needs the trim. Then there are the three  rough drafts that need their revisions and polish. They should be ready to go soon, and then I’ll have eighteen.

Eighteen stories, out looking for love.

Sigh. It’s like watching moths circle a bug light.

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