And now for my next trick

So I’m thinking about writing two projects at once. This is not out of the norm for me–I take frequent breaks from the novel WIP to write a short story here and there. But now I’m thinking about juggling two longer projects at once; a novel and a novella. The novel is YA that has heavy-ish themes but is light-ish in tone. The novella–as I picture it in my head, anyway–is heavy in theme and tone–it’s about an estranged father and daughter reconciling just as the world ends. I wrote it as a short story years ago, but it didn’t work for a variety of reasons, one being that my ambitions outpaced my skill. I’m feeling the urge to break out the idea again, rework the structure, add more depth, beef up the length. I might be a good enough writer now to do the story justice.  Plus it just feels like it’s time to write the story. The writer-brain is a funny thing.




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