I made up these words, that are coming out of my mouth

Well, not really. Somebody else made up the words. The order is all mine though.

I’m doing a reading this weekend. Yay! Sort of. Readings are both awesome and awkward. When writing, you’re detached from your audience and you have no idea how the stories going for anyone but you. And, honestly, there’s a fair amount of time when you have no idea how the story is going for you. Usually, the only way you can get close to an immediate audience reaction is by moping around in the same room with someone who is reading your work and ambushing them every time they make a noise or twitch.

This behavior generally does not improve said readers enjoyment of the story.

Do a reading though, and people laugh at the jokes, or scrunch their faces interestingly, or clap.

That’s awesome.

But sometimes they don’t.

That’s awkward.

Still, they’ve all gone fairly well so far, so here’s hoping that streak continues.

Oh, and one more good thing about readings- they remove any temptation I might have to use unpronounceable Lovecraftian names. Which is a good thing.

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