Busy week- mostly good, and mostly about writing. I’ll go into that soon, but right now, worky work work.

Part of the work today was doing some research for the WIP. Research is usually fun, as long as its carefully contained. It’s far too easy to fall into the wiki-rabbit hole. Here’s an example.

I needed a tropical fruit or nut tree for the story. I need them for the evil monkeys. So I’m poking around and find Kola trees, which I had been woefully ignorant of. They are an African tree whose fruit contains caffeine. Perfect– evil hyper monkeys. Of course I get distracted, realizing that this is the origin of Cola. Which makes me think about Coca-Cola, my personal addiction. So I’m looking up Coca-Cola, and its history and…

Stop. Kola trees. Right.

But damn, really? I knew about the cocaine, but then they dropped in caffeine. Cocaine and caffeine. No wonder that stuff took off.

The nineteenth century had to be all sorts of interesting.

And no, I’m not looking up nineteenth century patent medicines now. I’m not.

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