On the move

So this week I’m in San Francisco for a work trip. I very rarely traveled for my last job, and if I did it was a day trip. For the new gig I’ve taken planes two times in the last six months; it’s conceivable I’ll travel 4-5 times a year. I think this is pretty awesome–sure, it’s a work trip, which means I’m “on” for 12 hours a day, and there’s a lot of work that needs to happen. But I get to see places I’ve never seen before, meet new people,  and clock some life experiences.

Here’s an odd thing, though: apparently I have problems writing when I’m unsettled.

It’s never been an issue before. Sure, at cons I’ve never been the one to be writing in my hotel room–I’d rather be hanging out with people. I basically take con days out of my working schedule–with packing, the con, and decompressing afterwards, I’m not making words for about a week. Which is fine when I only hit 3 cons a year. But hitting 3 cons *and* 5 work trips a year? I can’t *not* write for 8 weeks out of the year.

Which brings me to the evolution of my process. I need to get better at squeezing words in here and there while I’m on the road. Writing while at the airport or on the plane or for twenty minutes before bed. This is a skill I need to develop. It’s part concentration and part mindset.

Fingers crossed.




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2 responses to “On the move

  1. Good luck! I find having a daily word count limit helpful; the desire to not make this day be the day that I don’t make it trumps my desire to sleep. Usually.

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