The Submissions Grinder

For a few years, I was tracking my short story submissions in Duotrope. Really, I track them offline in a simple database called Bento, but Duotrope offered features that I found useful. Namely, it let me see how long other people waited for responses from the markets I submitted to, which gave me a good idea of when to expect a rejection. Not very useful information, generally, except in the rare cases when I needed to query or withdraw a story, or for reminding me that it would soon be time to decide where to send the story next. Because I found other people’s data helpful, I started tracking my own there.

Then Duotrope started charging. I wasn’t going to pay when I have a good system on my own computer already, but I knew I’d miss being able to see the response times for other people.

Happily, many other people felt like I do, and some of them put together the Submissions Grinder, which does pretty much exactly what Duotrope does. Plus it has histograms of response times. Everyone loves histograms.

It’s free and they say it will always be free, so if you’re wondering if the market that was supposed to respond in two months is ignoring you, or ignoring everyone, it’s a good place to check. Right now they have 300-400 users, but the data will only get better as they grow.

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