Down with the patriarchy

Yesterday, Jaleigh asked if there were stories we’ve sworn to never write.

Time travel is not on my stories-to-avoid list. I’ve played with it for a couple projects and it’s too much fun, even though trying to keep everything straight makes my head hurt. That’s part of the fun.

What is on my list?

I have no desire to write anything that doesn’t have gender equality. Whether it’s realistic or not, I just don’t care. (Maybe it comes along for the ride with magic. Wouldn’t it be fun if we got rid of sexism and suddenly there were unicorns and dragons everywhere?)

That means no First Girl stories for me. No girls becoming the first girl to do something boys have been doing for centuries. No tall, strong heroines running away from home disguised as boys to join the army. No brilliant female students struggling to be allowed to learn secrets reserved for males. No women stuck with menial jobs and spells dreaming of the glory and power they could have if they were men.

And no flipping that and writing a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy, either.

I still screw this up. I tend to default to male characters when I need a generic sorcerer, college administrator, royal advisor. I often come up with a new character and then ask myself, is there a reason this person has to be male? No? *waves magic wand* She is now female.

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