My brain hurts

Lately, I’ve been watching Doctor Who in the mornings while I have my breakfast, and this little morning ritual has reinforced how much I dearly love that show, but it’s also reminded me of something that I need to make a note of here so that I won’t ever be tempted to do it.

Note to self: Stay away from writing time travel stories.

Seriously, as much as I love a challenge, sorting out the various timelines in that show threatens to make my head explode, and nobody wants to be cleaning that up first thing in the morning with breakfast.  I once tried to explain to my mother how the time travel worked in Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, and I ended up with diagrams and flow charts and a migraine and at the end of it I threw up my hands and just told Mom not to ask me about it anymore.  And I vowed that I would never ever put myself through the pain and suffering of trying to write a time travel book.

Which of course now means that I live in constant fear of being struck by the perfect idea for a time travel novel, and then being forced to write the damn thing.  I wonder if Steven Moffat does consulting.  Couldn’t afford him anyway.

What about you?  Are there any stories you’ve sworn never to write?  And did you break that promise?

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