Out and About

My twitter feed is currently full of people who are off to ConFusion, a big con in Michigan. I’m reading about their travels while I’m preparing for GenCon. Which is in August, but you sign up for it in January if you want a hotel room.

In the spirit of all that, here’s my plan for cons this year.

FogCon– happens in March, so it will be the first con of the new year. Only three years old, I’ve been going to this one since it started. Why? Because it’s near San Francisco, a place I love to go, and because a whole lot of my writer friends happen to live on the west coast and this is my chance to hang out with them. It’s also a very writer-focused con, which is of course my favorite kind.

Mo*Con– first con in May. A small con in Indianapolis, put on by author Maurice Broaddus. I’ve met Maurice at a few cons, and he’s great. I’ve been wanting to go to this one for a few years and I’ve finally got time for it.

WisCon– second con in May. The first con I ever went to, at the recommendation of Lyda Morehouse. I’ve gone every year since, so my longest running con. In Madison, which is a nice little city, and a ton of my writing friends should be there. Con posse, unite!

GenCon– My third year going to the madness in Indy, and my first time as part of the Writing Workshop. Should be fun as always. The great thing about GenCon is that it’s FULL OF GAMERS. So a lot of time is spent geeking out with other writers over various games.

WorldCon– This year the big pro con is in San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t fully decided on this one yet, but I’m leaning heavily in its direction. Again, a chance to see a lot of friends that I won’t see otherwise.

WindyCon– Local Chicago con. We went this last year, mostly because of my wife. A group she belongs to had a booth there, and so we went to help out. Which we might do again, but that’s still up in the air.

Chambanacon– The local con, which happens around Thanksgiving. It’s little, but it’s right here and I had fun last year.

Six to seven cons then.  A lot, and not so much. Cons are like the writing retreats I talked about last time. They’re a “business” vacation, in that your suppose to be networking and shmoozing and all that. Which I will! I’ll be all shmooztastic. By which I mean I’ll be hanging out with really cool people, who just happen to be awesome writers, editors and fans.

It’s a tough gig, but I feel I have to make myself do it.

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