How much time do NaNoWriMo participants spend writing?

The folks at RescueTime, a time-tracking/productivity app, analyzed data from more than 100 NaNoWriMo participants to look for patterns among those that logged the most writing time.

They turned the data into a spiffy infographic–go look, I’ll wait–that contains such gems as the people who logged the most time took a break to eat dinner and stayed away from social networking (instead, they spent twice as much time on the Nano site as other participants).

(Of course, what’s missing from that info graphic is word count. Did the people who put in the most time finish earlier, or did they take more hours to write the same amount of words?)

My favorite bit is the graphic of hours per day–a steady decline through the first week, a minuscule amount on Thanksgiving, and a surge on the last two Saturdays while people tried to catch up. Hm…that would be a neat way to visualize my own writing time.


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5 responses to “How much time do NaNoWriMo participants spend writing?

  1. I love how data-centric your mind is. It’s fascinating to me.

  2. Gwen

    I’ve never attempted NaNoWriMo – doubt I’d stick to it! Great to see it graphically. Thanks!

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