So Elizabeth had that nice post a couple of days ago talking about goals. Writing goals. What are my writing goals this year?

Do something writing related most every day.

I tried in the past to make detailed goals. Every time I did, life kicked the stuffing out of them. We had our second kid. We moved. Etc.

Better than to keep things simple. Every day, some work. New writing, revising, research, agent or market hunting, something. Add in a bit of organization- List out the projects I need to be doing and work on them, as opposed to bouncing around wildly. Try to crank out at least a book and a half over the year.

Occasionally, I might embrace more stringent goals- when I’m in the midst of a book, for example, I try to crank out 1-2K of words each day. Mostly though, I want to stay loose.

Part of that is to not set myself up for failure. But a bigger part is being adaptable. If I pick up an agent tomorrow, my punch list for what I should be working on will probably change a lot.

Do something writing related most every day. It’s not a particularly impressive sounding goal, but it works for me.

Most every day.


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