Rear view mirrors and crystal balls

That’s what this time of year is about–looking behind and looking ahead.

This year a heck of a lot has happened. I quit one job, started another, and am in the middle of a relocation to another city. I mention this mostly so I don’t feel slacker-y when I list my writing accomplishments for 2012.


The rear-view mirror

1. I started, work shopped, finished, and began the query process on a novel.

2. I sold … I actually don’t know the number … short stories. Three or four, maybe. I don’t remember which ones came out in 2011 and which ones came out in 2012. But more than one.

3. I accepted the “cruise director” position for the Origins Library at the Origins game fair.

3a. Which means I accepted my first job as a fiction editor.

4. I’ve started preliminary work (that means I’ve thought about it a whole lot and I’m letting my back brain do what it does) on the book I’ll write in 2013.

When I write it down if looks like a lot, but I feel like I’m perpetually behind and that I’m not working nearly hard enough.

And now to look ahead.


The crystal ball

1. Begin, workshop, and finish a new novel (the next book in my YA series, most likely).

2. Successfully run the Origins Library (which means there’s no bloodshed and they ask me to do it next year)

3. Write several more short stories. I hate to put a number down, but I dunno … let’s say ten. Ten new short stories this year.

4. Just … keep working towards my goal of publication. Get my name out there, write more, learn more, read more … and try to keep my sanity while doing so.


What about you? What do you guys have to look forward to on the writing front for 2013?



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One response to “Rear view mirrors and crystal balls

  1. You’ve had a productive year.

    I hope you write the next book in your YA series next year. For purely selfish reasons, I must admit.

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