The year in review

True, it’s not quite the end of the year yet, but for various reasons I’ve been taking stock of 2012 and thinking ahead to 2013.  You know, on the off-chance this apocalypse thing turns out to be wrong.

So yeah, 2012 wasn’t that great a year on several fronts.  My mom got diagnosed with multiple myeloma and had some other serious health issues.  I had a long stretch of back pain, which combined with stress, brought on some pretty low moments.  And there were a few other things too that I won’t go into–I can only be serious like this for so long or I break out in a rash–but they were the kinds of things that make you question yourself and doubt yourself.  You know, things that suck.

But there were bright spots too.  I finished a book I’d been working on for over a year, had another one come out, and wrote a couple of short stories in between.  I took a hiatus from a lot of things online, took some time for myself, and I think in the end I’m the better for it.

As for what’s in store for 2013 and beyond, I have reason to hope that there are good things on the horizon.  Challenges too, of course, but I’ve also been reminded over the past year that I have friends and family who are there to share the joys and sorrows with me.  They would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them.

For instance, Tim bought a sock monkey hat for a Christmas party, and he agreed to let me post pictures on Facebook of him wearing it.  Husband + sock monkey hat = love.  Can’t ask for more than that.

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