Tied up

I’ve been working on a short story lately–

But I thought you were working on a novel?

— I am, this is just something that came up. Hush.

Anyway, short story. It’s been interesting, since it’s a tie-in for a game company. I’ve never done one of these before, and they’re a different sort of beast. Instead of just making up whatever, I’m building a story in a world someone else has already created. It’s limiting, but not so  much. There’s a lot of space to work in (a whole world’s worth) and it’s kind of nice not to have to make up everythingEspecially for a short story.

What’s been harder is dealing with the fact that this world has rules. Strict ones.

Part of the story involves a fight with a demon, and it not only has to be interesting and advance the plot,  it also has to fit the game. Most of the readers are going to be players of this game, so if I do something that doesn’t fit they’re going to notice. For example, if I have a mage calling down lightning to fry said demon, that might be a fun scene. But according to the bestiary of this world, demons are immune to electrical damage. So that won’t work. It means that instead of just making up the fight, I have to think through it tactically, according to the game rules, and make sure it works. I’m a gaming nerd though, so that’s mostly been fun.


There have been times when I’ve thought of a cool thing and realized that it won’t work rule-wise. Then I have to rethink the whole setup, page through a bunch of source material, and try to find something that does work. And is also cool. It’s just another form of research, really, and its actually easy research. Rule books are much less contradictory than history books.

But it can still be annoying sometimes.

What the hell, they’re immune to poison too?

(Hey Jaleigh, how do you deal with this stuff?)


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