Of course I heard you. That’s why I’m going the other way.

Enough with the whining about the current WIP. Instead, I choose to rip off someone else’s genius.

Go here.

Just in case your religion forbids you from clicking links, it’s an Oatmeal comic about writing. And it’s fabulous. So quit that stupid religion and click the link.

The part I’m going to riff on right now–

I sometimes solicit ideas from other people, but I rarely use their suggestions. Instead, hearing their idea make me see another one more clearly.

That’s not only brilliant, but a fairly polite way to articulate something that happens to me all the time. I’ll submit something for critique, listen carefully to everyones suggestions, then completely ignore them and make up my own crap. I always figured that’s just because I’m a controlling ass when it comes to my writing. This makes it sound better though. The critiques I’m getting are pointing out problems, and while I might not always (never!) agree with their proposed solutions, I usually end up coming up with something that fixes it.

My critique partners ideas are the walls that my creativity slams into- not with a crushing thud, but with a springy ricochet that sends me hurtling towards my goal.

Hmm. I’m not sure that analogy works at all. Suggestions?

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