Writing the beginning

Yeah, still doing that.

It’s moving along, slowly, grudgingly, but moving. I keep hoping I’ll hit the breakthrough point soon, and I think I’m close, but not there yet. It didn’t help that I ended up spending way too much time obsessing over the election.

All of this reminds me of why I don’t believe in writers block. At least for myself. I may have a hell of a time getting things going sometimes, but there’s nothing exotic or convoluted about that. It’s simply a matter of two things.

1- Starting off big new projects means a lot of work, with all the planning and setup and such

2- Work is annoying

Writers block in my case is nothing more than a cute way of saying, yeah, I could be figuring out my character motivations and that new plot point, but… football! blogs! computer games! sleep!

So, no tortured artist here. More like sulky artist who really wishes someone would do the hard part for him so he could get to the bit he likes. No takers, as yet.

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