World Fantasy

Last weekend I was at World Fantasy. It was a strange con for me; I knew very few people going in. Of course the people I knew knew people and I ended up going to dinner with complete strangers both nights. Since my recent convention experiences have left me energized I’d been wondering if I were still as much of an introvert as I used to be. Turns out, hanging out with people I don’t know is still utterly exhausting. I spent a lot of time Saturday sitting in various chairs writing and talking with people who stopped by to say hi. But now I have some new friends.

The other thing I did was attend readings. The highlights there were Guy Gavriel Kay–I haven’t read his last few books, but the section he read from River of Stars was engaging–and Tanya Huff–I hate werewolves, but her reading from The Silvered was funny and I was tempted to buy the book right then. Aside: She will be the Guest of Honor at Chambanacon in a few weeks.

The giant bag of books I already had kept me from buying too many (maybe I shouldn’t say that or the publishers will stop doing it). I did pick up two short story collections, one by Patricia McKillip and one by Tim Powers (which ended up winning the World Fantasy Award). Oh, and a third that’s a present for someone. And my giant bag of books had several books that I wanted to read already, so I felt like I had plenty to keep me busy.

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