I admit, this is one of my favorite holidays, and not just because we get a ridiculous number of trick-or-treaters raiding the house for candy every year.  We’ve had a run of amazing weather lately, and the trees in our neighborhood have grown up enough to offer some lovely fall colors–I especially like the ruby-red on our front yard tree.

I also love the costumes.  Jeff and Tim like to tease me about dressing up as a princess every other year.  I’m not alone, though.  We get a lot of princesses, and I’m predicting that we see a few Batmans and Avengers this year.  Just a feeling.

So, we’ve got flickering, blood-red lights draped on our front porch, skulls by the walkway, and some glowing eyes to put in the window.  I’ve already had some caramel apple cider, although I haven’t had anything pumpkin-flavored yet.  Have to remedy that.

It’s a good time of year.

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