House of cards

So, I’m writing this book. Every day for the past mumble weeks I’ve typed at least a couple hundred words (aside from the week or two I mostly lost to a short story). It’s been going well, but I keep feeling like I’ve hardly written anything. But according to the word count, I’m halfway done.

The thing is, I got stuck early on, and skipped to a later part of the book, meaning to return to the beginning later. Then I got stuck in that later part, and jumped to another part….after enough of these jumps I finally admitted to myself that I’m writing it out of order. Which means I have gaps. Scenes, but no connective bits. No solidity. The whole thing could fall apart at any moment.

I like this process–it sure beats getting stuck on a tricky part–but I expect the last third or so of the book to be incredibly difficult, because a) oh hey, there’s all the tricky parts all at once and b) everything has to be linked up. On the other hand, I always find the last part difficult. At least this time I already know how the characters solve the major problem, because I wrote that bit ages ago.


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3 responses to “House of cards

  1. Gary Kloster

    Y’know, I’ve heard other people talking about writing their books this way. And it always makes me want to point my finger at them and hiss “No! You are doing it WRONG!” 🙂

  2. To be honest I’m not sure I’ll ever do this again. It feels weird and wrong. But I’m not going to argue with 35k+ words.

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