When will you write the third Unbroken Chain book?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, so I thought I should post an update here.  The status of the third Unbroken Chain book is that there isn’t one, and currently there’s nothing in the works.  That doesn’t necessarily mean there will never be a third book.  I have ideas spinning in my head, and a plot that I think would make for a killer third installment.  Shit hitting the fan.  Hey, when Ashok’s around, shit tends to do that.  Ultimately, Wizards of the Coast has the final say on whether a third book will happen, but there are things you as a reader can do to help the cause.

Both the Realms and DnD are in a state of transition right now.  DnD Next is in the works, and The Sundering is coming, which means big and exciting things are on the horizon.  Personally, I can’t wait to see where authors like Ed Greenwood, Paul Kemp, Erin Evans and others involved in The Sundering are going to take us on this journey.  I mean seriously, have you read Brimstone Angels?  If you haven’t, you should.  I hope we will also be looking forward to more tales from writers like Rosemary Jones and Erik Scott de Bie.  You can never have enough Shadowbane, in my opinion, and I know I’m not alone in that.

So, what can you, the reader, do to help your favorite authors?  Glad you asked.  Here’s something:  word of mouth.  It helps more than you think.  Talk up the books you like to your friends, or post on social media like Twitter and Facebook.  ‘Like’ the books on Amazon (one click and done!), post a rating on Barnes and Noble.com, maybe write a review if you’re feeling spunky. Speak up, shout out about the books you love.  Publishers are listening; tell them what you want.  If it’s a third Unbroken Chain book, believe me, I want to give it to you.

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