Yes, write now

Because sometimes you get in a groove working on your manuscript and you don’t want to stop for anything: school, work, food, sleep, your significant other (who can always retreat to the basement for a Warhammer 40k session with his brother–thanks, honey!).

This is my way of saying that I can’t stop writing right now, not even to…er, write…I mean blog.  Because as Gary said, your WIP is usually the first thing that gets put on the back burner when life demands your attention, but you have to push back whenever you can and take the time you need for your manuscript.

So, I’ll be over there in the corner with my laptop if you need me.  Next week, I’ll let you know how it’s going.  And if you hear any strange murmuring or cursing…yeah, you should probably worry.  Or send coffee.

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