The well-exercised writer

Yay! We’re talking about exercise!

So I’ll start off with a confession. I used to weigh a whole lot more than I do now. This is a writing blog and not a self-image blog, so I’m not going to get into it. If you’re really curious you could search one of my old blogs and read all about it. Suffice it to say I lost 50 pounds, and I did it through portion control and exercising. A lot. I even did the local mini-triathlon several years in a row; at the height of my training I worked out two hours a day.

This was much easier when I worked evenings and so my days were completely mine. Oh, and when I wasn’t spending two hours a day reading about writing, learning about the business of writing, and, well, writing. I switched from evenings to days not long after I started writing seriously. I swore I wouldn’t let myself gain back all my weight, and I didn’t.

I only gained back twenty.

Even though I don’t exercise enough–let alone exercise as much as I used to–I do get up and move around occasionally. Go for walks. Sometimes yoga. Sometimes frisbee in the park. I should really get some high-octane stuff in like swimming or running or biking because it makes me feel so damn good, but enough of my guilt. The point is, exercise is essential for everyone, sure, but it’s super-duper essential for the writer. It clears your head and gives you time to think about story or plot or concepts or characters. It strengthens your body so you can sit and write more comfortably. It gives you more energy that you can spread around to the rest of your life.

Butt-in-chair time is important, but so is feet-on-treadmill time. Be sure you get your quota.





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